Piz Arlara
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Tyrolean cuisine, mediterranean cuisine and much more with a breathtaking views over the Dolomites

Would you like to spend a pleasant day in a rustic and cozy environment with breathtaking views over the Dolomites? Then we do just for you! Our house is rustic, welcoming and offers panoramic views. Our restaurant is decorated in Tyrolean style with exposed wood beams. It consists of two rooms and a spacious terrace, which is kissed by the sun from morning until late afternoon. It is the ideal place to spend the whole day sunbathing on a deck chair and enjoy our culinary highlights combined with a good glass of wine, both indoors and outdoors.

Our kitchen is typical Tyrolean. We offer local specialties: such as dumplings, Spätzle, Schlutzkrapfen, beef goulash, turtres, gröstl. Other highlights of the Piz Arlara are soups, homemade pasta, meat from our homegrown pigs, potato rösti, Skier meal, Polenta and the Piz Arlara Pan, not to forget are the traditional pastries such as strudel, pie, Kaiserschmarren, apple fritters, Germknödel and much more. We pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the local products, that’s why here you can taste the typical local bacon, smoked sausages, venison salami and a wide variety of excellent cheeses of South Tyrol.

Of course there are dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, and since a few years we also offer dishes based on fish. We are committed and proud to join several projects in the area such as gourmet "Sciare con Gusto", the "Gourmet Ski Safari" and "In Vetta con Gusto", with the aim of proposing refined dishes made from local ingredients of high quality.

An equally interesting initiative, organized every year in March is the "Wine Skisafari Dé dl-vin", a day dedicated to the South Tyrolean wine.

Ingredients for 4 persons:
300 g plain flour
200 g butter
100 g caster sugar
1 egg (or 2 egg yolks)
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 knife-tip lemon zest
1 pinch of salt
600 g apples
50 g sugar
50 g bread crumbs, lightly fried in a little butter
40 g sultanas
Ingredients for 4 people, about 8 dumpings:
150 g stale white bread or dumpling bread
50 g onion, finely chopped
20 g butter
40 g plain flour
100 g Speck (smoked, air dried bacon or streaky bacon), finely chopped
50 g smoked sausage, finely chopped
1 egg
Ingredients for 4 persons:
150 g flour
100 ml milk
oil for frying
powdered sugar
100 ml cream
6 egg yolks
½ package vanilla sugar
1 tbsp rum
6 egg whites
½ tsp salt
40 g sugar
Ingredients for 6 portions:
200 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 medium egg, beaten
1 tbsp vegetable shortening, melted
180 ml milk
3 apples, peeled, cored, cut into slices
3 tbsp sugar
1 fresh lemon juice
powdered sugar, for garnish

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  • Sunday, 10 December 2017

    Gourmet Skisafari

    The culinary season on the slopes of Alta Badia starts officially in December, with the Gourmet Skisafari - the event part of the initiative "A taste for skiing" - haute cuisine at 2,000 m altitude.

  • Thursday, 01 June 2017

    Explore your way

    Explore Your Way

    Expand your horizons, make the most of your passion, find a new adrenaline rush, all in Alta Badia in the heart of the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alta Badia offers a new way of experiencing the great outdoors, where sport means much more than playing games and becomes pure freedom.

  • Saturday, 17 June 2017

    Pass Alta Badia Summer

    Summer lift pass

    Alta Badia Summer: Your pass for all the lifts in Alta Badia